Preventing teen pregnancy among marginalized youth: Developing a policy, program, and research agenda for the future

Case Studies & Research
Healthy Teen Network
19 p.

The document is a report produced by Healthy Teen Networks in September 2008. Its vision is that all young people make responsible decisions regarding their sexual, reproductive, and parenting behaviors. The document focuses on improving the effective transition to adulthood among all young by examining how to be more effective in reducing their risk of early pregnancy. This report includes the following documents, which provide excellent summaries of findings:1) a summary of peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed literature; 2) brief synopses of relevant demographic data and the risk factors for early parenting among marginalized populations; 3) current program efforts and gaps; and 4) brief discussion of a sample of potentially relevant theoretical models. Several appendices are included to offer more in-depth descriptors of the populations at risk as well as some of the reports referenced in the discussion.

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