Stand out against homophobia in schools

Toolkits & Guides
Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, SSCV
La Trobe University
32 p.

Stand Out: Against Homophobia in Schools is a package of resources for students to make an impact on homophobia in schools. It includes a 32 page guide booklet, two new posters, stickers and a video. Stand Out has been created by a team of young people from Minus18 and Safe Schools Coalition Victoria - young people who are determined to stand out and make a change.The word homophobia is used to describe a whole range of irrational negative feelings or behaviour towards anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or who is attracted to the same sex. Homophobia can also extend to people who others perceive to be same sex attracted, or even those who have family members or friends who are same sex attracted. Likewise, transphobia is the fear and hatred of people who are transgender that often leads to discriminatory behaviour or abuse. In schools, the most common form of these phobias that you'll probably have seen is the use of homophobic language, such as name-calling, homophobic 'jokes' rumours and abusive words. Homophobic behaviour can also include abusive threats or actual physical violence (such as 'gay bashing'), sexual harassment or even socially excluding someone because of their sexuality. Homophobia can occur in person, at school, on the weekends, online in social networking sites or even by text messages and phone calls. All homophobia directed towards another person, no matter where it occurs, is considered to be homophobic bullying, which is not only against school policies, but is illegal.

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