EDUCAIDS: Technical briefs

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72 p.
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Fiches techniques EDUSIDA
Notas técnicas de EDUSIDA
EDUCAIDS: Technical briefs (in Arabic)
Тематические справки ОБРАСПИД
Dossiers técnicos da EDUSIDA

The EDUCAIDS Technical Briefs are two-page summaries of key issues related to the five essential components of a comprehensive education sector response to HIV and AIDS: 1) quality education; 2) content, curriculum and learning materials; 3) educator training and support; 4) policy, management and systems; and 5) approaches and illustrative entry points. All of these components need to be in place and working well to ensure optimal success. Each brief is intended to reach officials in ministries of education and other organizations that are charged with supporting the development and implementation of policies, determining resource allocations, and implementing programmes for education sector staff and learners. Each brief can be used as a stand-alone reference, and together they offer comprehensive and flexible guidelines on the continuum of activities required to respond to the epidemic at the country level.

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