AIDS education: Interventions in multi-cultural societies

Case Studies & Research
New York
Plenum Press
265 p., illus., tabs.

The book is a reflection of the current state of HIV/AIDS education in the world. The first part consists of chapters that focus on theoretical, conceptual and global policy issues; this is followed by a chapter providing the reader with the insights and views of legislators from various countries on their role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Another chapter deals with multi-cultural issues, which are the most predominant themes and show a wide variety of topics of multi-cultural HIV/AIDS education programmes around the world. The chapters in the next section deal with interventions, contribute to discussions on the methodological concepts and the assessment of interventions, particularly on issues relating to adolescents and schools. A separate section is devoted to religion and HIV/AIDS, two chapters have been included here that bring an important insight into the relationship between the church and HIV/AIDS in Africa with examples from Kenya and Uganda. The true essence of this book is in its focus on developing culturally sensitive HIV prevention interventions. It is considered a valuable resource for interdisciplinary professionals who are interested in development, implementation and evaluation of HIV/AIDS educational interventions.

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