Capacity building in comprehensive sexuality education community outreach: a manual for programmers in schools and communities [Engaging Communities in Comprehensive Sexuality Education]

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124 p.

This manual is part of a multi-piece toolkit entitled 'Engaging Communities in Comprehensive Sexuality Education'. This toolkit has been developed to provide practical information and advice to community members on how to support children and young people to access appropriate sexuality, HIV and AIDS information and services – to promote improved access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) amongst young people and support their better health outcomes. The toolkit aims to: Address misconceptions, misinformation and increase correct knowledge about CSE in the community; Provide an enabling environment for young people’s access to CSE through improved communication, championing positive sexuality and supporting CSE services; Support positive cultural practices that keep young people safe, healthy and informed; Stop negative cultural practices such as early and forced marriage, intergenerational sex, early pregnancy and silent ‘taboos’ on sexuality. This toolkit provides useful information for everyone in the community, but most especially, for parents, caregivers, community and religious leaders, youth group leaders, community members and others involved in the welfare and development of children. Young people and children will also find the information in this toolkit useful.

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