The Dance4Life empowerment model: conceptual framework

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Dance4Life is a social franchise, in which independent local NGOs become franchisees that have full ownership over the Dance4Life Empowerment Model. Using youth culture, music and dance to create dynamic dialogue spaces and engaging awareness environments, young people are offered the tools to build self-esteem and agency, to make them courageous and confident. Based on insights from over a decade of implementation and the most recent evidence and scientific findings, the Dance4Life Empowerment Model is developed by and for young people. Key in this Model is the Journey4Life, a curriculum that is delivered by trained Champions4Life, who empower young people rather than educate them; they are facilitators of transformation. Together with a carefully recruited partner network, Dance4Life aims to empower more than five million young people to lead healthy sexual lives and feel confident about their future, contributing to demonstrable improvement in their sexual health.

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