Health and Family Life Education: Student's Book 3 (Grade 9)

Learning & Teaching Materials
Macmillan Publishers Limited
96 p.

This manual is an new course for Caribbean secondary schools. It addresses the needs of lower secondary students and teachers for a life-skills based course reflecting the CARICOM Regional Curriculum Framework document but also takes into account national syllabuses, such as those from Jamaica, Belize and Trinidad. It meets the challenges facing Caribbean societies today, such as the HIV and AIDS epidemic, rising levels of violence, health and environmental problems. Each Student's Book contains approximately enough material for one 45 minute lesson per week over a year and each lesson takes a double-page spread for easy use. The course can be used within dedicated Health and Family Life Education subject lessons or more flexibly when HFLE is integrated within other subjects, or with Form groups, Guidance and Counselling lessons or after school clubs.

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