Junior certificate history syllabus

Learning & Teaching Materials
National Curriculum Development Centre
59 p.

This history syllabus is designed for junior schools in Lesotho and is made for three forms (A, B and C) corresponding to the grades of junior school. Forms A and B do not mention HIV and AIDS. Form C does and its contents are divided in 6 chapters: 1) Struggle for liberation in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa; 2) Post-independence socio-economic and political developments in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (The issue of combating the HIV and AIDS pandemic is raised under one out of the six sub-topics discussed titled 'social development'); 3) Economic developments in Europe in the 18th Century; 4) Political ideas and economic systems in the twentieth century; 5) The first world war; and 6) International and regional organisations.

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