Kenya basic education Covid-19 emergency response plan

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education, State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education
43 p.

This Response Plan targets learners and teachers in basic education institutions with a focus to most vulnerable and poor learners in the Kenyan school system including learners with special needs and disabilities. It will be implemented for one and a half years’ time period and offers the following objectives: prevent the spread of COVID-19 and provide access to quality, equitable and inclusive education to learners ,facilitate production of radios, Televisions. and online teaching and learning materials as well as extend the existing distance learning programmes, provide psychosocial support to learners, teachers and education officials, build the capacity of MoE officers to provide training, guidance, monitoring and quality assurance to teachers facilitating education ,provide an opportunity of addressing loss of learning opportunities in conflict troubled and remote regions, strengthen the Kenya Education Cloud, provide health, safety and well-being for learners, teachers and education staff, develop and implement intervention programmes for the marginalized and most vulnerable learners, and to strengthen the capacity of the human resource component for effective and efficient response to the COVID -19 and post corona virus

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