National adolescent and youth reproductive health strategy, 2007-2015

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Health
54 p.

The Government of Ethiopia is committed to improving the reproductive health status of young Ethiopians, 10-24 years old. This adolescent and youth reproductive health strategy reaffirms that commitment by setting forth its priorities and agenda for the next decade. This strategy advances the goal of Ethiopia to provide health services to all Ethiopians and to achieve the objectives of the National Reproductive Health Policy and the Health Sector Development Plan. The Government also seeks to enhance the effectiveness of the health system in meeting the PASDEP and the Millennium Development Goals. The vision of the National AYRH Strategy is: To enhance reproductive health and well-being among young people in Ethiopia ages 10-24 so that they may be productive and empowered to access and utilize fully quality reproductive health information and services, to make voluntary informed choices over their RH lives, and to participate fully in the development of the country.

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