Sex education at schools

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs
4 p.
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Grundsatzerlass “Sexualerziehung in den Schulen”

The document updates the "Sex education in schools" decree of 24 November 1970 (circular no. 193/1970), published by the Austrian Ministry of Education and Art. It describes the educational and social objectives designed to encourage the development of young people's talent, knowledge and abilities as part of their overall education and personality development. Schools have a responsibility for rounding out, deepening, and, if need be, correcting children's existing knowledge about sexuality. The paper highlights the fact that sex education should be incorporated throughout the curriculum and be dealth with from the different standpoints of individual subjects. The implementation of sex education in the curriculum necessitates the effective coordination of individual subjects, exploring the links between them and taking the educational and social demands of other educational principles into account. The purpose of this document is to promote sex education in the school classroom in Austria and to give an overview of the principles and possibilities for carrying out this educational and socialising work. The paper is organized around two major principles: sex education as an educational principle; instructions for implementation.

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