Somalia HIV/AIDS prevention, advocacy and communication framework

Policies & Strategies
65 p.

The HIV/AIDS prevention, advocacy and communication framework for Somalia has been developed for cross-cutting communications support to the priority strategies identified in the 'Strategic framework for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and STIs within Somali Populations.' The Communication Framework addresses HIV/AIDS advocacy, training, IEC material, and capacity building needs for Somali populations. This HIV/AIDS communication framework report incorporates an analysis of the lessons learned from existing and previous projects, while providing recommendations for a series of approaches that will address HIV/AIDS communication among different Somali populations. As a general contextual overview it provides a summary of HIV and STI awareness in Somalia, the education and information channels currently available and the constraints of those channels. In advance of the HIV/AIDS study the framework offers a basic profile of the groups vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and recommends approaches for addressing the context of the groups through highlighting lessons learnt and successful global interventions.

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