Canadian guidelines for sexual health education

Learning & Teaching Materials
Public Health Agency of Canada
62 p.

One goal of the Guidelines is to guide the efforts of professionals working in the area of sexual health education and promotion. The Guidelines place particular emphasis on assisting curriculum and program planners, educators in and out of school settings, policy-makers, and health care professionals. A second goal of the Guidelines is to offer clear direction to assist local, regional and national groups and government bodies concerned with education and health to develop and improve sexual health education policies, programs and curricula which address the diverse needs of all Canadians. These Guidelines are designed to: 1. Assist professionals concerned with the development and implementation of new and effective programs, services and interventions that reinforce behaviours that support sexual health and personal well-being. 2. Provide a detailed framework for evaluating existing sexual health education programs, policies and related services
available to Canadians. 3. Offer educators and administrators a broader understanding of the goals and objectives of broadly based sexual health education. The Guidelines are not intended to provide specific curricula or teaching strategies.
This document provides a framework that outlines principles for the development and evaluation of comprehensive evidence-based sexual health education. Guideline statements support each principle and provide the context for effective and inclusive sexual health education programs and policies in Canada.

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