Children to the fore! An easy-to-use training handbook that promotes child rights and cultural issues in the face of HIV in southern Africa

Learning & Teaching Materials
Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service, SAfAIDS
96 p.

The aim of this handbook is to ensure that children's rights are known, recognised and respected in communities, especially in situations where they may be compromised by cultural and traditional practices - or when their realisation is threatened by the circumstances of the HIV epidemic. It offers trainers, community-based volunteers, and others working with, or on behalf of, children the knowledge and skills to integrate child rights into their programme work, so that they become effective trainers or advocates for child rights. This handbook provides methods for upholding positive cultural practices, as well as opportunities to revisit harmful cultural ways. It aims to develop positive approaches to sensitive issues within the community, such as child abuse and discrimination against young girls.

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