Deadly inertia: a cross country study of educational responses to HIV/AIDS

Case Studies & Research
Global Campaign for Education
48 p.
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Inaction mortelle : une etude transnationale des réponses éducationelles au VIH/SIDA
Inercia mortal: un estudio comparado entre paises sobre las repuestas al VIH/SIDA

The Global Campaign for Education published this booklet to share their analysis on the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic by the education sector in 18 countries across Asia, Latin America, and Africa undertaken in 2004. It is intended for policy makers, administrators and teachers. It has 5 chapters, includes an executive summary, recommendations and an appendix. Chapter 1 focuses on the methodology and rationale for the study; it delves into the effects of HIV/AIDS on the education sector and the powerful role education can play in stopping the epidemic. Chapter 2 focuses on current policy and responses to HIV/AIDS at the country level and looks at what is happening in schools right now. The third chapter explains the impact of HIV/AIDS on teachers and vulnerable populations, also exploring the role of NGOs in combating the epidemic. Chapter 4 discusses the changes needed in the education sector, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in creating successful campaigns. The final chapter contains the report's conclusions, recommendations and appendices.

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