Evaluation of an AIDS education programme for young adults

Programme Reports & Evaluations
5 p.
Periodical title
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

The aim of this randomized, pre-post test study was to evaluate the impact of AIDS education programs (Streetwize UK) on adolescents. Participants were identfied from six youth training centers in Nottingham, England. The participants were aged 16-19 years and each centre ws randomly allocated to experimental (n=173) or control (n=164) group. Sixty-six percent of the sample was sexually active. No differences were observed between groups at pre-test. Post-test, participants in the experimental group had greater knowledge levels (about HIV transmission, lack of a cure), but no differences were observed on sexual behavior, intentions or attitudes. The HIV education programs impacted knowledge levels on prevention and transmission, but had no effect on other identified variables. To impact behaviors, attitudes and intentions, peer-led approaches and skills training are needed.

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