Forward strong: ensuring children remained safe, healthy, and able to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic

Programme Reports & Evaluations
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The COVID-19 pandemic has been an undeniable reminder of how interconnected people are across the globe. The virus has known no boundaries - reaching all ethnicities, social strata, and ages. In more than a year and a half since its outbreak, it has resulted in economic ruin and large-scale illness and loss of life. At ChildFund, protecting the health and welfare of the children, families, and communities we support is our chief priority. It is why our members pledged in April 2020 to leverage our combined resources to assist children most in need during these most challenging of times. Together, we launched an ambitious global emergency response plan to ensure children remained safe, healthy, and educated during the pandemic. In Forward Strong: ChildFund’s COVID-19 Response Plan, we committed to leveraging $56 million dollars to help reach 6.3 million children and family members during the pandemic. Following a yearlong collaborative effort, ChildFund exceeded this goal, reaching more than 6.8 million participants during implementation of its pandemic-related response activities. In addition, ChildFund directed more than $100 million dollars to relief efforts, comprising both newly raised funds as well as redirected funds.

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