Healthy Action: An Activity Book for Teachers and Learners

Learning & Teaching Materials
118 p.

This toolkit provides a guide to activities across the following health topics: tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation and infectious diseases, physical activity, injury prevention and violence prevention. Each chapter lists activities for teachers to sensitize themselves and their colleagues and to build a more conducive school environment. There is also a discussion guide and information on the following: teachers' personal relationship to the health topic and identifying factors that affect healthy behaviours, taking action in the school setting related to policy, advocacy, and awareness on the health topic, why it is important to teach the health topic in the classroom. These materials can also be used to convene a collaborative and participatory study circle in which complex topics are dealt with. Each chapter also has classroom exercises for learners. This toolkit can be used in collaboration with the Leadership in the HIV and AIDS Response: A Toolkit for Teachers' Unions to Promote Health and Improve Education.

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