HIV and AIDS in teacher education: evaluation report of a pilot project in South African higher education institutions

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Higher Education HIV and AIDS Programme, HEAIDS
144 p.

The HIV and Teacher Education Pilot Project was initiated under HEAIDS Phase 2 and was premised on the critical importance of the capacity of the education and training system to deal with the challenges posed by teaching and learning in an HIV/AIDS affected and infected society. The objective of this project was to ensure sector-wide engagement with these challenges, and to provide the necessary support and resources for the development of educators who are equipped to deal effectively with the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact as it manifests in their work environment, and on their personal and community lives. More specifically, the purpose was to enhance the personal and professional competencies of teacher education graduates through: the provision of support for the piloting of an HIV/AIDS teacher education module in teacher education faculties, andáthe identification, evaluation and dissemination of effective strategies for incorporation of HIV/AIDS related education into teacher education and other curricula.

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