HIV/AIDS and students at RAU

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Rand Afrikaans University, Centre for Sociological Research
17 p.

This report is drawn from findings of a study on the association between awareness of HIV/AIDS and behaviour of RAU students in a social/cultural context. Students' knowledge, awareness and perceptions were determined, and their behaviour was linked to their HIV status. The study included a questionnaire survey coupled with a test for HIV status based on samples of oral fluid (saliva). Questionnaires and samples were anonymous, and provided on the basis of informed consent. The result of every HIV test was linked to the appropriate questionnaire by providing each with the same bar code. Data gathering was conducted during the week of 15-19 October 2001. A full report will be produced in due course. This will cover the full spectrum of issues raised in the questionnaire, including a wide range of demographic variables, knowledge, awareness, practices, and preferences for action. However, one major finding was surprising to the researchers and potentially significant in terms of AIDS research. This interim report is a consequence of a concern to make this available for public scrutiny at the earliest opportunity.

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