HIV/AIDS in the GMS: Bulletin for Preventive Education in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

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UNESCO Bangkok
53 p.

This report contains information on ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases through education in the greater Mekong sub region. It contains information on HIV/AIDS in the GMS: a cross-border problem; ADB-SEAMEO-UNESCO: a cross-border solution; Activities under the ADB-SEAMEO-UNESCO project; Latest happenings; HIV/AIDS country watch in the GMS: the national response to HIV/AIDS; HIV/AIDS hot spots in the GMS: country focus; Strategies with impact; Cross-border policy focus; What is UNESCO doing in the field of HIV/AIDS?; Calendar of HIV/AIDS related events in Asia and the Pacific: 2004; Web reviews; Selected publications on HIV/AIDS in the GMS; Selected references on educational materials on HIV/AIDS; and Who's who in the field of HIV/AIDS in the GMS.

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