Lost in transitions: Current issues faced by adolescents living with HIV in Asia Pacific

Case Studies & Research
68 p.

Across the Asia Pacific region, adolescents aged 10 – 19 years who are living with HIV face unique challenges as they transition from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood. This report aims to document and capture some of the experiences of adolescents living with HIV as they disclose their HIV status, deal with life-long antiretroviral treatment (ART), move from pediatric to adult health care services, navigate sexuality and relationships and build their independent lives. It also seeks to offer insights into some of the unique issues adolescents living with HIV face, such as pervasive stigma and discrimination. Through a review of available information regarding HIV programs and policies for adolescents, including information obtained from an in-person, youth-led regional consultation “My Right to Health”; youth-led focus group discussions in four countries; and in-person interviews with 45 adolescents, medical practitioners, caregivers and social workers in five countries, the report details significant gaps in how communities and governments are addressing the needs of adolescents living with HIV.

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