Mapping the response: protecting, caring for and supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Cambodia

Programme Reports & Evaluations
93 p.

This mapping exercise was conducted because impact mitigation, and particularly support to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), is seen as one of the "unfinished agendas" for the country and a top priority in the HIV and AIDS response. It has been conducted alongside a Situation and Response Assessment and estimate of the OVC population, so that together they can be used to analyse coverage and identify geographical and programmatic gaps and priority areas. This information will inform the development of advocacy, policy and strategy and improve coordination, collaboration and programme design and will aid the development of a costed National OVC Plan of Action. The mapping exercise was conducted between January and April 2007 in the form of a literature review/desk review to identify OVC service providers. Data was collected using directories and databases, reports, websites and other sources. Interviews with informants from key ministries and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were conducted to gather further information on services provided and coverage. The information was registered into matrices, and maps were then developed to highlight coverage.

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