Multi-stakeholder cooperation on sexual and reproductive health for young people: handbook of experiences and tools from a project in the Ohangwena Region in Namibia as an example for the implementation of the ESA commitment at a local level

Toolkits & Guides
Ohangwena Youth Health Task Force
102 p., illus.

This handbook gives a detailed insight into the initiative in Ohangwena, which provides an example which can be expanded and improved upon in Namibia, and in the other 22 ESA countries. The experiences and tools presented in this handbook are intended to guide and support the work of the various government
ministries, civil society organisations and other interested stakeholders that strive to improve comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and SRH services for young people. This handbook provides information on the approach, activities, systems and procedures that the OYHTF follow, which would be of
interest to organisations coordinating activities for youth health in other regions of Namibia and those in the other ESA countries.

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