National strategy for care and support services in primary schools in Tanzania

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
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Education is one of the basic child rights and it is vital for children’s future life. Children should attend school and take full advantage of getting their right for education. The Millennium development Goal 2 is to achieve Primary Education of good quality by the year 2015. The Dakar Framework for Action adapted in the World Education Forum reaffirmed the Global commitment to EFA exists six major goals focused on providing Gender responsive good and quality education to all children and adults. In the cause of implementing various programmes aiming at attaining EFA goals, some limiting factors has been realized. The limiting factors include:- Low school enrolment; Increased absenteeism; Increased dropouts; Increased number of orphans and vulnerable children and youth; Increased number of young people living with HIV; Poor health and nutrition among young people; Increased number of teenage pregnancies. All the limiting factors require critical school based interventions to ensure that all children have access to quality education by 2015. To respond to the limiting factors, SADC regional initiative which was adopted in 2005 provides a Framework for Care and Support to be implemented in the member states. The Framework calls for a mult-sectoral approach to be applied to ensure comprehensive care and support services are provided at school level. The framework recognizes schools as centres of providing care and support which is an additional function of a school. The traditional mandate of a school is a centre of learning. The framework identifies six basic services a school should provide which are:- Education; Food and nutrition; Health; water and sanitation; Psychosocial support; Safety and security. Schools should be friendly to the learners so that they fully benefit from the education that is provided. The current state of care and support service is not adequately provided in schools. Hence, the need for developing Care and Support Strategy is inevitable.

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