Take care! Health-care workers today

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Prends soin de toi! Les professionnels de la santé aujourd'hui

This document is one of the "information books" in the HIV and AIDS series, developed by the Junior African Writers (JAWS). It is designed to provide information and raise key questions about the consequences of HIV and AIDS. The aim of the series is to empower young people, equipping them with the knowledge, attitudes, values and life skills they need to help them make positive choices and resist pressures. This booklet is intended for adolescents (11-15) and can be used as a reader to help teachers to introduce subject matter that is difficult to manage in classroom. The story conveys both the basic information about HIV and AIDS and the more psychosocial dimension of the pandemic affecting learners' lives (personal and social development). Take care explores the life and work of health care workers, and their central role in beating back the AIDS pandemic (what they do to keep children healthy, how they help children when they are sick, how it is possible to be a health-care worker.). It points out the difference between health-care worker and the other health professionals like traditional healer, pharmacist, health inspector, and medical technologist.It also provides information on the cost of health care and health information on fever, wounds, dehydration, burns and paraffin. It gives an overview on life as a community counsellor in order to encourage young people who are suffering to consult counsellors who use their knowledge to help. The author works for the Ghana Education Service. The text ends with a glossary and an index.

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