Linking sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. Gateways to integration: a case study from Haiti

Case Studies & Research
International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF
24 p.
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Etablir une relation entre santé sexuelle et de la reproduction et VIH/SIDA. Une porte vers l'intégration : une étude de cas en Haïti

The process of linking sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS needs to work in both directions: this means that traditional sexual and reproductive health services need to integrate HIV/AIDS interventions, and also that programmes set up to address the AIDS epidemic need to integrate more general services for sexual and reproductive health. While there is broad consensus that strengthening linkages should be beneficial for clients, only limited evidence is published regarding real benefits, feasibility, costs and implications for health systems. This publication presents one of a series of country experiences, set against a different public health, socio-economic and cultural background, embedded in radically different legal and health care environments and using different entry points as they strive to strengthen linkages between sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.

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