The EFA Fast Track Initiative: an assessment of the responsiveness of endorsed education sector plans to HIV and AIDS

Programme Reports & Evaluations
35 p.

This report is the second assessment of the responsiveness to HIV of Education Sector Plans which have been appraised and endorsed by the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTI). The first study was completed in October 2004 and found that the initial 12 endorsed plans did not adequately address HIV; recommendations were made to strengthen FTI processes. This second assessment reviews the 8 country education sector plans which were endorsed by EFA-FTI between October 2004 and November 2006. The review is dealing with a specific set of FTI-related documentation and should not be interpreted as a judgement regarding a country's overall policies or capacity. The 8 FTI endorsed plans considered in this study are from six countries with generalised HIV epidemics (i.e with HIV prevalence 1% of the adult population), namely, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar and Moldova, and two, Tajikistan and Timor Leste, with low HIV epidemics.

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