The Elmina Resource Guide on HIV/AIDS and Education

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Guide ressource d'Elmina sur le VIH/sida et l'éducation

This resource guide is designed to help policy makers and practitioners to access resources and to build on best practices in order to combat HIV and AIDS in the education sector. Based on the recommendations and proceedings of the Elmina Conference on HIV and AIDS and Education, it highlights strategies for government, educational institutions and civil society agencies in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). It is divided into 5 main sections, based on the Elmina Call for Action: 1) Recommendations from the Elmina Conference, 2) Strategies and tools for the prevention and control of HIV and AIDS, 3) Protection of learners, educators and educational quality, 4) Countries experiences in managing the HIV and AIDS crisis within the education sector and 5) Regional initiatives to combat HIV and AIDS in the education.

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