A case study: integrated AIDS program Thika, Kenya

Case Studies & Research
MEASURE Evaluation
23 p.

The global HIV and AIDS epidemic has affected sub-Saharan Africa more than any other region in the world. AIDS deaths in sub-Saharan Africa account for 72% of AIDS deaths worldwide. In an attempt to fill this knowledge gap, MEASURE Evaluation is undertaking a targeted evaluation of four programs for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in four unique settings in Kenya and Tanzania. The purpose of this case study is to gain a better understanding of one of the programs selected for the evaluation - Integrated AIDS Program-Thika (IAPThika) - as well as identify lessons learned that could be applied to other initiatives. The case study is based upon program document review; program site visits, including discussions with local staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and community members; and observations of program activities.

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