Communication strategy on HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive health for higher education institutions

Policies & Strategies
Addis Ababa
Ministry of Education
56 p.

This strategy document has eight sections. Section one discusses about the overview of HIV/AIDS and SRH in Ethiopia and in the HEIs; together with the policy environment for education sector activities in the field of HIV/AIDS/STIs/SRH. Section two states the rationale for the communication strategy; while section three provides an overview of environmental scan carried out through SWOT analysis. Section four has details on the major HIV/AIDS and SRH problems, risk factors and underlying causes identified among students of HEIs in the country. Current strategies to address HIV/AIDS and SRH in HEIs is explained in section five; while section six states about user of this strategy document, including its goal, purpose, objectives, guiding principles and strategic approaches. Sections seven and eight illustrate detailed matrix of message by objectives and target groups including message by risk factors; and also issues related to monitoring and evaluation.

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