Good practice guide for teaching Relationships and Sex(uality) Education (RSE)

Toolkits & Guides
UCL Institute of Education
37 p.

This guide has been written for teachers who are new to teaching RSE, or new to teaching the compulsory RSE guidance, published in 2019, which applies to both primary and secondary schools in England. This guide aims to support teachers to: Understand what the new guidance means for their own teaching practice and the school as a whole; Consider some principles and approaches to teaching RSE, which support equality, inclusion, dignity and respect; Understand the role, purpose and value of RSE in the curriculum; Ensure that students are informed, empowered and safe as they develop and grow through secondary school and beyond; Develop strategies and resources for teaching the RSE specifically; Feel more confident in teaching RSE and responding to challenges that they might encounter in the classroom and beyond.

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