HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive health (SRH) intervention package

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Addis Ababa
Ministry of Education
53 p.

The main objective of developing the stated package is to provide guidance to interventions that addresses behavioral, structural and bio-medical issues and services and recommend minimum package of intervention. The HIV/AIDS and SRH Intervention Package is divided into seven parts. Part One briefly describes the current HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) situation at global, national and HEIs levels. It also examines the responses to the epidemic in HEIs and the rationale for developing the intervention package. Part Two states the fundamental guiding principles of the intervention package on which the implementation of this intervention package is based. Part three focuses on the implementation guide to inform all key stakeholders on how to utilize the intervention package to bring about appropriate responses in the process of HEIs HIV/AIDS and SRH programming. Part four describes about the categories of the target population for which this HIV/AIDS & SRH intervention package is prepared. Part five addresses the major risk and vulnerability factors observed among students of HEIs; while Part six discusses about detailed type of minimum interventions packages together with the expected outcomes for each of the interventions. Part seven highlights issues related to monitoring and evaluation.

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