Parent-teen talk: interactive sessions for nurturing effective parent-teen communication on sexual and reproductive health; facilitator's guide

Learning & Teaching Materials
Mandaluyong City
135 p.

This Parent-Teen Talk serves an alternative learning methodology for parent education on adolescent sexual and reproductive health. This Facilitator’s Guide provides detailed instructions for the organization, conduct, and assessment of the Parent-Teen Talk interactive sessions. It is intended for the use of facilitators or educators on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, responsible parenting, family development, and other similar themes. The Parent-Teen Talk is broken down into two major tracks – the Parent Track and the Teen Track. Both tracks are simultaneously conducted through modular sessions interactively and progressively discussed in series of Stations. The first track exclusively involves parents while the second track involves adolescents only. They simultaneous go through the stations in their respective tracks and conclude to a heart-to-heart talk or dialogue with each other.

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