Primary health and family life education curriculum guidelines

Learning & Teaching Materials
171 p.

Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) is a comprehensive, life-skills based programme which is built on the belief that education is “the lifelong acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for full personal development and for active participation in society.” In order for individuals to be healthy, they must be knowledgeable about health promotion, practices and disease prevention. Health and Family Life Education is the primary medium of the school curriculum which delivers information and develops skills to address issues and risky behaviours affecting children and adolescents. Based on the CARICOM HFLE Regional Framework, the curriculum is divided into four themes: Self and Interpersonal Relationships, Sexuality and Sexual Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity and Managing the Environment. The content under each theme is interrelated and has been developed interdependently to ensure reinforcement of concepts and show linkages between the various risk factors.

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