Working with faith communities

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Stonewall's Education Guide on Working with faith communities is designed for faith schools, schools with large faith communities, and anyone who is concerned about managing the relationship between faith and sexual orientation in a faith context. Stonewall research found that 75 per cent of lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils in faith schools had experienced homophobic bullying at school, compared to 65 per cent in non-faith schools (The School Report, 2007). However, homophobic bullying doesn't only affect these students - any young person can experience homophobic bullying, irrespective of sexual orientation or faith. This guide provides advice on how to tackle homophobic bullying in a faith context, guidance on how the law supports schools in this work, and practical tips on how to build a whole school approach to homophobic bullying in sympathy with its religious and cultural ethos. It also showcases good practice by faith schools who are already doing positive work around this issue.

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