Checklist to support schools re-opening and preparation for COVID-19 resurgences or similar public health crises

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The purpose of this checklist is to enhance compliance and adherence with the public health measures outlined in the recently-updated Considerations for school-related public health measures in the context of COVID-19, particularly taking into consideration children under the age of 18 years in educational settings and schools with limited resources. The checklist was developed in accordance with the health-promoting schools principles and approaches. It highlights the importance of multi-level coordination (i.e. national, subnational and individual school levels) and both participatory and co-designed approaches among various stakeholders (e.g. school staff, teachers, students and parents). This approach aims to optimize compliance with public health and social measures based on social and cultural contexts, as described in Considerations for implementing and adjusting public health and social measures in the context of COVID-19. The checklist is aligned with, and builds upon, existing COVID-19-related WHO guidelines and is structured around protective measures related to: 1) hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette; 2) physical distancing; 3) use of masks in schools; 4) environmental cleaning and ventilation; and 5) respecting procedures for isolation of all people with symptoms. The checklist is designed to support policy-makers, staff and officials from the education and health sectors, local authorities, school principals/leaders and administrators, teachers’ unions, community leaders, school staff, teachers, parents and caregivers.

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