Effective Responses to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in the Education Sector: From Analysis to Action

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Les réponses efficaces à la pandémie du VIH/SIDA dans le secteur de l'éducation : de l'analyse à l'action

The conference was more than justified by the clear, urgent need to move from analysis and stock-taking to implementation of sector action plans that would give ministries of education the tools they needed to face the various challenges posed by HIV/AIDS in a concrete and effective manner. Specifically, this general objective was divided into four main goals: To assess the preparedness of countries in terms of sector policies and to highlight the needs of ministries of education, especially in capacity building. To share the lessons learned that emerged among countries participating in the ADEA Initiative on "Identifying Effectives Responses to HIV/AIDS". To outline strategies for: (i) Integrating lessons learned in the preparation and implementation of sector action plans; (ii) Highlighting the different options and policy priorities; (iii) Introducing "effective" prevention programs in schools; (iv) Promoting the necessary intersectoral approaches and partnerships.To offer the ministries those specific methods and tools needed to face the challenges, whether in terms of prevention, planning or management. The expected outcomes were as follows: A table showing preparedness in each country; A table showing the needs of ministries and key sector personnel (training, resources); A list of sector and inter-sector policy options for fighting HIV/AIDS; A list of tools for monitoring the impact of the epidemic on education; Basic elements for establishing a sub-regional action plan that could define the role of ministers as well as their social, financial and technical partners.

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