Higher education science and curricular reforms: African universities responding to HIV and AIDS through faculties of science and engineering. Evaluation report for universities in Ghana, Rwanda, Botswana and Kenya, March - December 2008

Programme Reports & Evaluations
UNESCO Office Nairobi and Regional Bureau for Science in Africa
21 p.

Between December 2006 and May 2007, In-country training of Trainers (ToT) workshops for the integration of HIV and AIDS into the curriculum for engineering, biological and physical sciences were held in Ghana, Rwanda, Botswana and Kenya. As a follow-up to these workshops evaluation was carried out in all the four countries. All the participating universities were evaluated to determine progress in the following areas: Establish whether ToTs had been able to train faculty colleagues on how to integrate HIV and AIDS into their respective courses; Identify challenges in the training of Faculty colleagues and to suggest possible solutions and strategies; Establish the extent to which the Universities in general and the faculties of science and Engineering in particular have embraced the concept of mainstreaming and if anything had changed in their strategies as a result of the UNESCO/AWSE initiative on the integration of HIV and AIDS into the curriculum after the 2007 workshop; Establish if the integrated courses are actually being taught and identify any challenges that might have been encountered by the lecturers; Collect and compile engineering, mathematics and physics courses that have been integrated or where entry points for integration of HIV and AIDS have been identified from the education institutions. The result of the evaluation and dissemination workshops is compiled in this report.

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