National teacher preparation standards for sexuality education

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The National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education were created to provide guidance to programs within institutions of higher education in order to better prepare undergraduate pre-service students to deliver sexuality education. The development of the Teacher Preparation Standards are part of the ongoing Future of Sex Education (FoSE) Initiative, which has as its goal that every young person in public school has high quality, comprehensive sexuality education that is developmentally-, culturally- and age-appropriate. In the United States, sexuality education is most commonly taught within the health and/or physical education (PE) curriculum at the middle and high school levels. In the elementary grades, individual classroom teachers teach health in addition to every other subject area. So while the overall FoSE initiative is focused on instruction in grades K through 12, the Teacher Preparation Standards focus specifically on preparation programs that train health and PE teachers most likely to be teaching in middle and high school.

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