School-related gender-based violence measurement toolkit

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This toolkit delivers practical guidance and resources for measuring the prevalence and extent of students’ experiences of school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV), and provides methods for assessing key risk factors and drivers of SRGBV. School-related gender-based violence is a complex social problem rooted in widely held gender norms and practices that enable certain groups of people to have privileges and power, while disadvantaging others on the basis of their sex, sexuality, or gender identity. These gender norms and practices are often carried out and reinforced in schools, resulting in a school climate that can perpetuate inequalities, normalize violence, and compromise students’
opportunities to learn. School-related gender-based violence affects millions of children and adolescents worldwide, and compromises their opportunities to benefit fully from education. Despite the growing awareness of the prevalence
of SRGBV, there is currently not a standard measurement to precisely and accurately assess the prevalence and extent of SRGBV globally. In response, this toolkit provides a survey to measure all forms of SRGBV - specifically, bullying, corporal punishment, and sexual violence. In addition, the survey helps identify and measure the risk factors and drivers of SRGBV, such as gender attitudes and beliefs, school climate, and teacher disciplinary practices.

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