Sex and relationships education (SRE) for the 21st century. Supplementary advice to the Sex and Relationship Education Guidance DfEE (0116/2000)

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PSHE Association
Sex Education Forum
18 p.

This new guidance developed by the PSHE Association, Brook, and Sex Education Forum supplements 2000 statutory guidance on SRE. This guidance has been produced to help teachers and schools to provide good Sex and Relationship Education (SRE); to offer additional support on new issues not included within existing guidance; and to provide advice which reflects updated legislation, including the Equality Act 2010. This resource: - clarifies the current status and role of SRE and outlines the principles underpinning high quality SRE; - provides answers to 10 key questions that teachers ask about SRE, including guidance on how SRE should be taught in schools; - offers specific advice on emerging issues not included within existing statutory guidance, including online pornography, ‘sexting’ and staying safe online.

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