Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) and Young People: a Summary Overview

Programme Reports & Evaluations
39 p.

Preventing HIV among young people is particularly urgent in Sub-Saharan Africa, where in many countries young people comprise more than 30 percent of the population and general HIV prevalence rates often exceed 10 percent. Reaching vulnerable young people is important, but few services have been developed to help young people in developing countries who are at increased vulnerability to HIV/AIDS as a result of risk practice or exposure. This summary provides an overview of evidence-based data, current experiences, lessons learned, issues for consideration, strategies and recommendations for creating an effective framework for VCT services for young people. It is designed to be used by program planners; organizations providing services to young people or intending to strengthen their existing services by catering to youth populations; staff within government ministries including ministries of health, ministries of youth and ministries of education; and current and potential donors.

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