Stopping violence in schools: a guide for teachers

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En finir avec la violence à l'école : guide à l'intention des enseignants
Poner fin a la violencia en la escuela: guía para los docentes
Stopping violence in schools: a guide for teachers (in Arabic)

Teachers and students can use this guide to address and prevent violence. School violence is an immensely complex issue and thus requires numerous factors to be addressed. Such factors include the need for student participation; a holistic approach involving parents, educators and the community; linking of policy, legislation and practice; the development of indicators on violence; and cultural sensitivity in addressing concepts such as the universality of human rights as part of a human rights-based approach. The guide offers a key starting point for the international community to take action. The price of inaction is costly as the repercussions of violence continue to affect children throughout their lives, hindering emotional and cognitive development, health, behaviour and ultimately, society at large. No form of violence is justified, and all violence is preventable. This guide was created to bring about substantial changes by assisting school communities and the broader international community to respond to violence and implement measures to prevent it.

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