Comprehensive sexuality education: the challenges and opportunities of scaling-up

Case Studies & Research
90 p.

This publication is part of an ongoing programme of work initiated by UNESCO in 2008 to provide technical guidance and implementation support for sexuality education programmes, as a platform for HIV prevention, treatment and care. It emphasizes the challenges and opportunities for scaling up comprehensive sexuality education in school settings. Building on indepth interviews with key informants involved in past and ongoing work on sexuality education, this publication provides conceptual and practical guidance on definitions and strategies for scaling-up. Though well developed as an area of research and analysis in the health sector, there is a need to translate experience and lessons learned on scaling-up for use in the education sector. Using case studies, the publication also draws on the experience of six country examples (Finland, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Thailand and Uruguay) which scaled up sexuality education through different modalities illustrating good practice and pathways for successful scale-up.

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