Toolkit for mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in the education sector: user's guide. Pilot version

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Outils pour intégrer le VIH et le SIDA dans le secteur de l'éducation : guide de l'utilisateur. Version pilote

This guide has been designed to help readers to make the best use of the Toolkit for Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in the Education Sector published by the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) on Education. After a brief presentation of why the Toolkit was developed, its objectives, its audience and its content (section 1), the guide provides practical suggestions on how to use the different tools depending on your objectives (Section 2). In particular, the guide considers three main objectives for which the Toolkit will be a useful resource: Provide orientation and raise awareness on HIV mainstreaming in the education sector; Assess the status of and monitor progress toward HIV mainstreaming in the education sector; Plan HIV mainstreaming in the education sector in those settings. For each of the above objectives, the guide provides specific outcomes and outputs, and includes: Different activities you may want to conduct; The tools you can use to support those activities and; Tips on how to use the tools, in terms of which specific elements in each tool you may want to use, for what specific purpose and using what method.

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