Youth and the Global HIV/AIDS Crisis: A Toolkit for Action

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Les jeunes et la crise mondiale du VIH/sida : des outils pour passer à l'action

This Tool-kit for Action has two components. In Part One, you will hear from a sample of youth and youth workers (based in Ottawa) on what prevention, education, and awareness strategies have reached them, what they think about these strategies, and their own ideas for effective youth-centred HIV/AIDS actions for their communities. Part Two looks at a range of for- and by-youth public education initiatives from Kenya, the US, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Canada. Hoping that the ideas from parts one and two will inspire you to also take action on the global HIV/AIDS crisis, included at the end of the report are pointers on what kinds of strategies and programmes have worked best over the past 20 years of HIV/AIDS practice.

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